Suprataxa is a travel title with special rate, with a value of 50 lei, given to the passengers found without a valid and validated transportation title or without documents attesting the right to travel free.

If the travel title Suprataxa is paid on the spot, the controllers will not write a report on the offense.

The Suprataxa card can only be used for the transportation vehicle in which it has been issued, to the end of the line. Therefore, this card cannot be used to travel with other transportation vehicles. The Suprataxa card is no longer valid after the passenger gets out of the vehicle.

According to the legislation in force, the Suprataxa card is considered a special regime document and can be issued without a tax receipt.

On request, one can get a tax receipt for the Suprataxa card at our office located in Calea Șerban Vodă no. 164-168, sector 4, Bucharest, presenting the Suprataxa card and the ID.