Validation and card consultation

The automatic charging system is designed to ensure both accurate information for passengers and a quick validation of the transportation cards.
For validation or consultation operations performed on the validators in STB SA vehicles, the related messages remain displayed on the screen as long as the passenger does not withdraw the card.
when the card is withdrawn from the validator, the message automatically disappears to allow another traveler to validate. If, for example, the message remains on the screen 10 seconds after the card is withdrawn, by default for 10 seconds another traveler at the same validator, which is not acceptable, especially at peak hours.
in addition, if a traveler quickly withdraws the card, without noticing the message displayed on the screen, he can press button 1 (consult) and bring the card closer, at which point his balance will be displayed on the card, but no new trip will be deducted.

  • Travel card validation
    • When validating, the card must be held 2-3 seconds at a distance of about 1-2 cm of the central area of the validating device – which is marked with a black disk- so that all the information on the card can be scrolled.
    • The correct validation is confirmed by a short audible signal, the ignition of the green led and the appearance of the message „Calatorie placuta” („Have a nice journey”) on the display of the validating device.

    Validare card pe validatoare model nou (prezent in vehiculele OTOKAR)

  • Multiple validation of one card:
    • Those which own an electronic wallet can make the payment of the journeys for other persons as following: for the owner of the card, when he/she has also a loaded subscription, this subscription will be considered when validating; if the card is loaded only with the electronic wallet, his/her credit will be diminished with the value of one journey.
    • For the other persons in the group, button 2 will be pressed and a new validation will be made. This procedure of pressing button 2 followed by validating will be repeated for each person in the group.
    • Validation is confirmed for each person by the ignition of the green led, a short audible sound and the message‚ ”Calatorie placuta” („Have a nice journey”).
  • Validation on common route:
    • The subscription for one/two lines is valid for all the lines with the same route, for all types of lines, with the exception of suburb and Express lines, but only on the common portions of the route.
    • To validate in this case, one must press button 2 then approach the card to the area marked with a black disk.
  • Card consultation in the public transport vehicle:
    • Press button 1, after which the card must be immediately touched by the validator and kept in the area marked with a black circle until all the information written on the card is scrolled on its screen.
    • The operation is finished when the message „retrageti cardul” („remove the card”) appears.

    Consultare card pe validatoare model nou (prezent in vehiculele OTOKAR)

  • Special cases:
    • UNACCEPTANCE OF THE CARD is signaled by the validating device if the card is not loaded with a valid title of journey. In this case, beside the display of the message „Ne pare rau, nu aveti titlu de calatorie valabil” („Sorry, you don’t have a valid card of journey”), the passenger is notified also by the ignition of the red led and by a long audible signal.
    • In case of accidentally or intentionally approaching the validating device with an already validated card, the passenger will be notified by a long audible signal, ignition of the green led and the message "Card deja validat" (” Already validated card”) on the display.
    • The strong movement of the card or the fast removing of the card causes reading errors because the processing of the information on the card had not been finished. In this case, the display „REPETAŢI VALIDAREA LA ACELAŞI VALIDATOR” ( „repeat validation at the same validating device”) will appear and the passenger will be notified also by the ignition of the red led and by a long audible signal.