Schedule - Line 783

All data in the timetable is indicative only. Keeping to the schedule depends upon traffic conditions along the way.
In order to get a real-time arrival of a vehicle into a station, STB SA recommends the use of the free application Info Transport Bucharest.

Select route direction*:  
* Notice: It is possible for a line to have a different route in the 2nd (return) direction, compared to the one in the 1st direction.
Some stations of the selected line may be served only in one direction, but not in the other one,
and the desired station can be reached by a vehicle which continues its trip from one direction's terminus, in the return direction.
If the station you are looking for, does not appear on the timetable, please also check the timetable for the other direction.
Please beware that all PDF timetables are in Roumanian only.