Payment by SMS

With a single SMS at 7458, available in all national mobile networks, passengers can purchase a metropolitan trip with a validity of 90 minutes, at a price of 0.62 Euro + VAT, or a metropolitan subscription with a validity of 24 hours, at the price of 1.50 Euro + VAT.

The payment for the metropolitan transport titles allows the use of all surface public transport vehicles in the Bucharest-Ilfov Region, from the moment the code of the transaction is received. Therefore, the SMS must be sent before boarding the public transport vehicles.

If the validity period of the transport title expires before finalizing the trip by surface public transport vehicles, the title can be used in the vehicle where the situation occured, until the next stop. After that, it is necessary to purchase a new transport title by SMS, in order to continue the trip.

The message containing the transaction confirmation code must be saved for the entire period of validity of the transport title, so that it can be presented to the STB SA ticket inspectors.

Attention! The battery of the phone used for the purchase of a transport title by SMS must be charged so that it should last for the entire period of validity of the transport title.

The payment can be made by any type of mobile phone connected to any national network, either with subscription or with prepaid card.

The SMS command is free of charge in the Vodafone and DigiMobil networks and costs 0.05 euro + VAT in the Telekom and Orange networks.

The safety of the payment by SMS is guaranteed by the operating platform which is equipped with an anti-fraud device.

Those interested can find more details by calling at 021.9391 - Call Center or at 021.311.13.98 - Ticket Sales Department, or by writing to the e-mail address