Payment with the contactless bank card directly to the validator

Trip payment with the contactless bank card directly to the validator in the public transportation vehicles is the most recent project, related to the diversification of the form of payment for public transportation, implemented by the Municipality through Bucharest Transport Company – STB SA, in partnership with BCR and its partner S&T.

The new form of payment is available for Otokar and hybrid Mercedes Citaro buses, for night trams (1 and 10) and for tram 41. It offers the passengers more flexibility because it allows payment with any contactless card, Mastercard, Maestro or Visa, issued anywhere in the world.

Contactless validators are state-of-the-art equipment and allow validation with both transportation cards and bank cards (phone, smart watch with a wallet function) by bringing them close to the equipment, in front of the contactless sign. The transaction is fully secured.

The prices for the trips are the ones set out in the STB SA price list, without commission or other charges, regardless of the type of card one uses.

The payment for the trip covers the one-way route (from one end to the other, one way), without interruption, only with the vehicle in which the card had been validated.

The transaction is confirmed by the message‚ “APROBAT” (‘APROVED’) displayed on the green screen of the validator. Successive flashes of the four LEDs on the validator confirm the correct readout of the data on the card and the approval of the transaction.

If the screen goes red and the message ‘DECLINAT’ (‘Declined”) is displayed, the transaction was not approved and the trip must be paid by alternative means.

Multiple validation can be done only by choosing the specific option so that there is no risk to validate multiple times by accidentally bringing the bank card close to the validator.

The control agents can verify the payment for the trip on the equipment used to validate the bank card, by verifying the last 4 digits of the card, which will be provided by the passenger.